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Jesus is greater than the Jewish Traditions

As we already know, a large portion of John’s original audience was people from the Jewish culture and religion. For this reason, he makes several statements about Jesus that has the purpose of showing how Jesus is “GREATER THAN” the Jewish traditions and religious beliefs and figures.

I am focusing in the next few sessions on the contrast between Jesus and the Jewish traditions.

Jesus is greater than the Passover

The Passover is an important celebration in the Jewish tradition. As a reminder to you, this is the festival that relates to the nation’s redemption from Egyptian slavery. If you want to read the full version, find it in Exodus. In short, God hears the pleas of the people, and sends Moses and Aaron to free them from slavery. Pharaoh refuses on several occasions to let them go, and each time God hits Egypt with a plague. The last of the ten plagues is the death of all the firstborns in the land. The people of Israel is given clear instructions on how to keep their houses safe (more…)