This is a chapter from the first book of the series! Please know that it is still in first draft phase and needs a lot of work before it will be ready for publishing.

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The bright moon shone down upon earth, lighting the forest for God’s eyes to linger over. As far as his gaze traveled, he could see no movement from any of the villages on that continent called Africa. As He looked over Congo, the quietness of the night touched His heart with sadness. The dust that rose from dancing human feet had settled. The swaying hips, the jumping knees, the shimmying shoulders, and waving hands all laid unmoving in sleep covered by hut or cave. The pits where the fires blazed were now cold. The light of fire that inflamed the dark skins of the dancers were gone. The eyes that shone brightly rested behind closed lids. The ring of glistening wet bodies that snaked across the sand existed no more. The sounds of beating drums, clapping hands, and chanting voices had long ago faded away. All that could be heard now was the sound of the animals, some snoring like the humans, others creeping through the darkness looking for prey, or hiding from the hunting beasts.

It was on one such beast that God’s eyes fell. His gaze swept right past, but then, on second thought, noticing the nearby village, He turned his head slightly until He caught sight of the beast again. It was crouching in the shadows of a canopy of trees, but when the wind blew slightly, its full head of hair gleamed golden under the touch of the moon’s beams. God smiled slightly, love surging in His chest at the sight.

The beast was a magnificent animal, strongly muscled and sharp toothed with large paws. It was also hungry. Lifting its head, it smelled the night air, never taking its eyes off the object of its focus. God followed the line of its sight to find the figure of a human male, a sentry, asleep against a tree. The spear and shield, meant for defense of those asleep in huts behind him, were hanging unsteadily from his limp fingers. For a split second He pondered the dilemma before him. Should He wake the human, or allow the beast to feast?

But then the beast moved, (more…)