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Jesus is greater than the Temple.

In a previous post I wrote about the importance of the Temple in Jewish culture. Jews could not contemplate what life would be like without the Temple and its privileges. Yet John makes it clear in his rendition of the cleansing of the Temple, that Jesus is greater than the Temple. Greater as in holier. Greater as in higher in authority.

jewish temple

Jesus, when He speaks, tells those who are willing to listen that He would break the Temple down in three days (John 2:13-22). Jesus is making a clear connection between his body and the Temple. He would be dead for three days, and then be resurrected again by the Father.



The ‘GREATER THAN’ sayings: Jesus is greater than manna!

Jesus is better than Manna (John 6)

hunger plead

Have you ever been hungry? Intense hunger will reap havoc on not only your body, but also your mind. It takes full control of your senses. Your instincts will kick into high gear and your nose will pick up every smell around you. You will notice the smell of a bakery or fast food outlet from afar. Your mouth will produce more saliva when it smells food, in an attempt to get you to eat.

If you have been hungry for a prolonged period, you might experience feeling jittery. Your hands might start to shake, or your knees might feel weak. You won’t be able to perform at your peak level. Your mind will wonder to food, and dwell on ways of how to get food.

This was what the nation of Israel had to deal with while they were in the desert walking to the Promised Land.

Hunger. (more…)