The ‘GREATER THAN’ sayings: Jesus is greater than manna!

Jesus is better than Manna (John 6)

hunger plead

Have you ever been hungry? Intense hunger will reap havoc on not only your body, but also your mind. It takes full control of your senses. Your instincts will kick into high gear and your nose will pick up every smell around you. You will notice the smell of a bakery or fast food outlet from afar. Your mouth will produce more saliva when it smells food, in an attempt to get you to eat.

If you have been hungry for a prolonged period, you might experience feeling jittery. Your hands might start to shake, or your knees might feel weak. You won’t be able to perform at your peak level. Your mind will wonder to food, and dwell on ways of how to get food.

This was what the nation of Israel had to deal with while they were in the desert walking to the Promised Land.

Hunger. Ripples in Sand Dune

And how did they deal with this hunger?

They complained to Moses. They murmured. They considered going back to Egypt, because at least there was food there! They were willing to be slaves again if it would mean they get to eat.

And so God responded to their need. Every morning they would wake up and find manna all over the camp. The women would go around and pick up enough manna for that day. She would feed her family this as a meal. Moses told them that the manna was bread provided by God to feed them on the journey. (Exodus 16:15).


John makes it quite clear to readers that Jesus is better then manna. Jesus is better then the bread that God provided for the nation in the wilderness.

Why do you think he would say such a thing?

moses promised landThe bread in the wilderness saved the nation from dying of hunger, but it did not save them from dying spiritually. This bread, send directly from God- straight out of heaven- satisfied their bodies, but not their spirits. They reached the Promised Land, but they were not allowed to enter it. Even Moses, the man God chose to lead his people, only saw the Promised Land from the outside.

Manna could not save the souls of the nation.

But Jesus can.

And He did.


Jesus is the bread that God send down from heaven to us. He is the food we need to live forever. Unlike the nation who ate manna and still died, we, who believe in Jesus, will live forever!



What should we do with the BREAD that is better then manna?

We should guard this gift of faith in Jesus, or we will lose it. We should gather enough for every day. We should not try to horde it, or store it, or put it away till tomorrow. Jesus is to be used today, right now. Jesus is to be used every day.

Without Jesus in your day, you will become spiritually weak. You will not grow at all, unless you eat the bread that God send. You will not be strong and able to fight a good spiritual war if you are not well nourished with the Bread that is Jesus.

Just like your body will seek nourishment from food every day, your spirit will seek nourishment too. If you do not feed your spirit with the Bread that the Father send, you will be constantly hungry and empty. And you may start to look for other things that might satisfy this hunger.

Drugs. Alcohol.

Friends. Lovers.

Shoes. Clothes.

Prestige. Status.

None of these will ever be able to stop your spiritual hunger. They cannot satisfy any spiritual need. There is no nourishment for you in seeking them.


What you need for a spiritual hunger is a good and constant diet of the Bread of Life- Jesus.


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  1. Excellent point…that manna cannot save our soul…never thought of that before. Also excellent how you crafted the post with illustrations with text…a lot of work…well done. This is a piece of something I have been trying to figure out recently…thanks.


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