The birth of the series.

I am writing a series of stories loosely influenced by the seven seals that the Lamb breaks in the Book of Revelations. Each broken seal causes some kind of natural disaster on earth, and each of the books will deal with how that will affect people. It would be difficult to write about how a disaster would affect the whole world. I think I might need 40 000 books to achieve that. Also, this is not going to be technical books with lots of scientific details, it will be fictional. Fictional writing has more focus on the characters and events than the technical detail.

“Otherness” in a main theme in gothic and apocalyptic literature. I love reading books, watching movies, and writing in this genre. Since I have never really fit in anywhere myself, I feel as if this genre, more than any other, touches the deep parts of my humanity. Therefore, I wanted to have main characters that felt the same; as if they did not fit in. As I started planning this series, I was pondering the concept of outsiders, or people who were not like mainstream society. The idea came to me that in each society there are people who do not belong. They are pushed out to the edges of society, and never feel part of a group because they are “other”. In Biblical times, these are the people who lived outside the city gates because they were considered crazy, ill, or demon possessed. So, each of the novels I write would have an outsider as the main character.

Who are the kind of people rejected by mainstream society? I asked this question in order to identify who my main character should be. After about an hour’s pondering, I had a list of such people. I then started to think of where I could place each character, so I sat down with a world map and tried to match each main character with a specific disaster and the best country to feature those two together. So, this is the short list of the series:

  Main character Disaster Country
Book 1 Teenage girl Plague of open sores Born in Congo, moves through South Sudan and Ethiopia
Book 2 Foreigner Red Sea: Death of all sea creatures Born in Europe, moves to Russia
Book 3 Prophet Rivers and springs turn to blood Egypt
Book 4 Crazy person Scorching of the earth America
Book 5 Disfigured person Darkness Greece
Book 6 Handicapped person Large rivers dry up Japan/ China
Book 7 All of the above Lightning and thunder Jerusalem


Up to here, the planning all went really easy. And it looked rather cool. So, I sat down to start writing, and I realized that I am far from ready to put words on paper, or to plan any of the individual books. Because this is a nice idea, but it needs some more work, which I am not going to tell you, since it is extremely boring. But things that were explored was villains, local myths and folklore, local religions, and last but not least is customs and traditions.

I will finish this post by saying that somewhere in the middle of the planning, I was reminded of how often God uses unlikely people to speak on his behalf. Moses was a murderer who fled into the desert and lived among foreign people. Most of the prophets where ordinary people and not learned men, or people working at the temple. Jesus selected the disciples not from the leadership of the religious sector, but from the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the streets of Jerusalem. So, I figured that my series could be closely tied in with God revealing himself to specific individuals, and their journeys as they travel to Jerusalem.

As I plan and research my novels, I will post interesting things I learn on this blog for those who want to follow. And who knows… maybe even a chapter or two as I go along.



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